Thursday, September 28, 2017

Life ahead....

I think of you,
staring at these landscapes,
of the wishes you drape yourself in,
walking barefoot on lands previously unseen,
Feeling every inch of the magic that lays sprawling in front of you.
And you ask yourself,
A million questions,
And I watch your smile,
Answering them all.
And I think of the days to come,
of times waiting for our arrival,
of roads we are yet to walk,
of villages we are yet to call home,
of stars that are yet to twinkle above our bodies,
of sun rays to hit your skin,
And for unexpected rains,
To drench our souls.
And I think of these roads,
which somewhere merge with all we are,
And yet with all the hope in our heart,
That we will discover it,
Whatever lays waiting for us.

1 comment:

Bonobology said...

Very beautifully penned down.