Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Self happiness is the strongest weapon

Yesterday I was surfing about few words and then It took me to a link of symptoms of depression and why is it increasing these days. In the era of technology and modern outlook, why and how depression is on rise,specifically in areas where people have the best of facilities.

Why people who have the choices are still fall into such spaces. Its very sad to know that being alone and continuous work flow can make you go in such extreme conditions.

What exactly is depression in normal terms. Its nothing but state of our mind where we choose to live without happiness. Sometimes you deliberately do it and sometimes you don't even realize and are depressed which is most harmful.

Tips to overcome such state of emotions:
# Be your own happiness:
No one is responsible for your happiness other than you. No one in your life has the power to take your happiness away. Be so strong that you can always bend happiness and stay in your life.

# Learn to appreciate what you have:
I am not asking to be content in whatever you have, you should always have dreams and goals to achieve higher but you should be grateful for what you have. Then only you can be happy I'm achieving more. Don't get sadden by the failures in life. They are supposed to be your self encouragement factor in life.

# Don't give anyone power to control your emotions:
Your are and you can change what you have, of what you think, of what you have. What others think is their opinion. If you can keep yourself happy then you can keep others around you happy and spread happiness.

# Follow your hobbies:

# Stay healthy and fit

# Eat good

# Watch movies, listen to songs, watch comedy shows.

# Live life your way. You get to live once, live it best.

Stay happy everyone. Everything In life which is happening is for a reason. Sometimes we know it, sometimes we realize it later. sometimes its for our good, sometimes its for somebody's else's happiness. Believe in doing good karmas and leave rest to the almighty. He knows the best for us.

Stay blessed. Be happy. Smile forever.

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