Saturday, February 21, 2015

Unpredictable life

Sometimes such things happen in your life and it literally shakes you inside out. You can't really expect what can happen next very moment in your life. So many sad incidents happening around that its taking my strength away to believe in anything.

Tell if you love someone right now.. Tell them if you miss them. If you had a fight with someone, go and say sorry now. This moment will never come back. Live it to its best. Make it worth living for everyone around you. Life is unpredictable and you will never know when it will be gone.

Know a girl who is young entrepreneur expecting her first child. The glow on her face, the excitement she has, the enthusiasm and eagerness for child totally visible, not in just her eyes but in her family too was something to see. All of a sudden, before a week due of her baby, she was hospitalized, all were nervous, worried and suddenly doctor tells that the girl is no more but the baby survived. She died while she was delivering her first baby.. The moment where a new life of her babyentered the universe became the last moment of her life. Suddenly all the eagerness with which family was waiting for the baby vanished. Suddenly everything turned upside down. Everything finished.

No one can ever take place of that mother in that baby's life. She will be always missed and remembered fondly. May god give her family extra strength to move on and never give such sorrows to anyone.

All the prayers today only for the beautiful souls who left us and their loved ones. May their soul rest in peace and strength to the families to recover from the loss.

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