Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Helpless Love

From whole day today only thing which is going on In my mind is that why love can make us feel so helpless. Why do we give that one person so much importance in our life that he can make us cry anytime he wants... Why he starts taking us for granted. Why always softer side of us just loose all our controls in front of them. Our knees get so weak that we loose our balance in life.

Love is the reason and love is the question of it. Why love is so strong that it can hurt us.. Why love is so weak that it can make us feel helpless.

Why can't men realize that what they say and don't say makes a huge difference in our lives.. Why can't they take initiatives to tell that loving someone is just not saying I love you once and live life. You need to assure that love is still there.. Love was always there and love will always be there.

All men at the end of the think alike. The guy for whom I don't have any feelings love wise is ready to do anything for me to take me in his life.. And the guy whom I love, loves me too but doesn't want to make any effort to keep it alive. Just coz he has once said that he loves me, doesn't mean that it will be enough for lifetime.
You ought to tell your loved one not just by saying I love but by various means that this is what my love is for you. This is how is I feel about you. This is what happens to me when you are not around me.

Its not that guys don't feel it. Its just about taking initiative. Its only about to make an a little extra effort.

Today while watching a movie, the girl was ready to make love with that guy before they get hooked up in association of marriage but the guy said he belonged to old school and won't do anything which is not permanent. He proposed her on bent knees. I know proposing someone on bent knees is nothing out of the way. But the lines he said were. "Will you do an extraordinary honor of getting married to me"

Trust me no girls wants anything else, if his guys just say these words with full feelings. A simple proposal and just by adding words like extraordinary honor.. The whole proposal became the world best proposal way.

Love is all what we need. Love is all what he needs. Spread love.

Keep loving. If you love yourself.. You will always love everyone.

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