Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Friends For Never

Does it hurt to be in the same room?
Can you even look me in the eye?
Was it just a life ‘well’ wasted?
Would you even care if I die?
Will you miss me when you are happy?
Will you call me if you cry?
Does my friendship mean nothing to you?
Was it not worth another try?
Does it hurt to see me happy?
Does it remind you of that day?
Does it bother you that you never called back?
Did you really not have anything to say?
Did you ever think of me as your “best friend””?
Did you ever hug me and feel safer?
Did you ever think that you might have been wrong?
Or was it just God doing me a favour?
Because that day you taught me another lesson,
There is a difference between being smart and being clever.
For you weren’t as naïve as I thought you would be.
Maybe we were meant to be… Friends fornever.

By Dinesh Moolrajani

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