Saturday, August 25, 2012

Women's Intimate Health Issue

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Its been a long time, I am reading about someone taking initiative to create awareness on this sensitive issue. When I was in VIII Std. all girls of our class were taken to AV room to watch a small video related to how a girl should take care of different changes happening in their bodies with age. We were also motivated to talk about this with our mother or anyone whom we are close with and boys in our class used to get curious, why only girls are taken to AV rooms, and as per instructions given to us, if anyone asks, what we did in AV room, we had to say, we saw a movie because girls behaved good, so they were shown movie. It really helped personally to me to understand the changes. I think that was a very good initiative taken by our school and I am glad to know that they still follow this, so that a girl feels comfortable sharing such things. But I know this just happens in very few schools and still a large number of girls don't have knowledge about such issues. Many NGOs also have started this awareness program all over the country. Being a girl I can totally understand the importance of it in my life. Sometimes, I am not able to share my thoughts about it with anyone, and at those times thanks to Internet media, I read and get solutions to various. Earlier, I used to feel it happens only with me, gradually as I grew I understood that these are common things, there is nothing to be shy about. It is all natural and part of life. It is very important to be in a hygienic environment, it affects a lot on our bodies.
Few important things to remember-

1) Take bath regularly
2) Eat proper diet
3) Take proper calcium intake
4) Eat walnuts, chocolates, fruits, veggies( greens specially),
5) Doing exercise is good (I know it gets difficult at times to manage time for exercise, but I have learned that it is really important, I myself am trying hard)
6) Keep yourself involved in things you enjoy doing the most, be it reading, writing, watching movies, playing, talking to your boy-friend, or anything.

Request to all the girls- Please read a lot about every changes you see in yourself. Knowledge is the best treatment. Please feel free to talk about anything and everything. I would be glad to help as much as I can.
Love and Care to all.

Be happy and cheerful always :) :)

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