Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Healthy Tip

Writing journals or diary used to be a very popular part of everyone's life. As the internet speed is rocketing, so is diary writing slowing.. It's not people have stopped writing about their inner feelings or how their day went.. they have just changed the medium.. From diary it is now blogging. Blogging gives freedom to everyone to maintain a diary which is always open to the world. Blogging helps you to rant, blabber in front of the whole world.
This is one medium which helps you to learn, read, write all those things which you want to say to someone and you can't directly say. This is one medium which helps you to try new things maybe in kitchen, maybe in your crafts store or garden. This is one medium which makes you more creative in writing. It gives you so many new ideas in all kinds of field.
Recently, I read an article which talked about how writing can help you remain stress-free. Writing blog and interacting with thousands of new people with so different thoughts make you think about a thought from so many different perspectives. Blogging is indeed one healthy tip which everyone should have in their lifestyle. Write daily or weekly about everything you said, you felt, you experienced with everyone.
I have my diary and blog both, because there are few things which I just want to keep it to myself, which I write in my diary and then rest everything I write and share it on my blog. There are few things which I want to share with just one person, at those times letters and emails are my way to express. Letters maybe thought as an out-dated medium but still they have this beautiful feeling attached to them whenever you receive or send them. You can keep them safe and cherish whenever you want to.

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