Thursday, February 23, 2012

Party @ Ranthambore with the majestic tiger..

So, there we were after all the chaos happened in the planning.. we finally started our road trip from Jaipur to Ranthambore on December 17, 2011. Our Party gang included:
Kritika Jain (Me)
Srividya Dwivedi (Our NRI)
Aastha Khanijo (Girl Friend)
Ayush Mittal (Boy Friend)
Dinesh Moolrajani (Guitarist 1)
Aman Jain (Brother 1)
Pranav Sethi (Brother 2)
Shreyan Dwivedi (Party Boy)
Rishabh Bhutra (The Delhi Boy)
Vishal Hirawat (Rockstar)
Ronny Pedersen (Foreigner- Norwegian)
Per √ėyvind Fosse- (Foreigner- Norwegian)

Even though we planned our stay at a hotel in advance, but after reaching that place we all felt cheated. The pictures they had put on their website were nothing like the actual hotel. So, we left that place and started searching a new one. As we all had a limited budget, we had to limit ourselves also. So after all the run we decided to stay at Ankur Resort a pretty much decent place to stay and specially the rooms we got were just in front of a big lush garden. We got a bargained deal there. After reaching, the first thing we did was Photos.. lot and lot of poses and then straight to lunch. Lunch was good too. Our non-vegetarian friends also got what they wanted. After the scrumptious meal, we decided to have a cricket match, so we went around the resort to gather few more people to play with us. We talked to two foreigner girls and they were like No, we are not interested.. they gave us a look as if I am going to rob them.. Anyways, that didn't discouraged us, we went ahead and met Ronny, from Norway. He readily agreed to come along and he asked to bring his friend (Per) also along. After trying for few more we then started our game..

So after the match and few more pictures we started the preparation for the BIG night. After all the campfire arrangements our party started just after our dinner. Ronny and Per also joined us with their guitars and their drinks. Man!! What a night it was...

It had live music, fire, drinks, snacks, smoke, DJ, Girls, Boys and just everything.
Few of our party people were drunk and they were just out of control. They actually suffocate them, hugged them, almost kissed them. In just 4-5 hours we kept whole of our lives together. Per is a psychiatrist and also practices yoga, which really helps him a lot, he says Thanks to INDIA for giving world the power of yoga. It was real fun to catch up with them. They traveled to many places in India.
The next morning after getting few hours sleep, we all were ready for the safari. The breeze was freezing cold. Me were covered in layers but all was worth it. We saw the majestic tigress, the deer, Striped Hyenas, Sambar deer, Nilgai, Langurs, Crocodiles, Peacocks and don't know what more animals. Ronny has an amazing camera and he clicked some amazing pictures too. In which one of my favorite is the pic of a tiger

After all the fun and frolic, we head back to Jaipur, after visiting one of the famous Jain temple in Sawai Madhopur. I request everyone to visit Ranthambore once atleast and wish you all could see the tiger there..

If anyone needs help in arranging a tour, please write to me or you can also go on to Expedia


Abhyudaya Shrivastava said...

looks like you partied hard! I am jealous!!

kritika said...

Yeah.. we had an awesome fun!! Will suggest everyone to go once there and party!!