Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As said, one should be judged by his company of friends. Friends are an essential part of life. They are the persons who can make your life so easy and fun sometimes.
True friends are hard to find but once found are hard to loose.
I always had limited friends friends in my life. They have helped me in various steps of my life. I can count on them, whenever I need them, just a phone call away.
Recently I met so many people and considered them friends but now I realized not every acquaintance or person you meet can become your true friend.
Trust and understanding, if there are two qualities in a relationship, then no one can break that friendship.


Ritz.. said...

Good Words.... and so true about friendship.... I have doen the same thing at one point of my time which made me rralise who are ctrue friends and who are not..

kritika said...

I guess everyone goes through such phase once always...