Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a happy married couple....

I just read this story and it has filled me with so much more love now... and i miss being with my sweetheart... and then i read one poem which almost seems like as he has already told me all this... sharing that story and poem with you all.. hope you all also enjoy the loving doving feeling... and please dont forget to mention it to your sweetheart...

A much married couple was celebrating the golden jubilee of their married life, their 50th wedding anniversary of their very happy and successful marriage.

They both loved mangoes and decided to start the glorious day with a delicious Alphonso mango first thing in the morning.

While serving the mango the subservient docile wife thought: “For 50 years I have always sacrificed my own desires and been considerate towards my husband. I always gave him the deliciously sweet cheek of the mango, those succulent fleshy slices next to the skin of the mango which I love to eat. And I myself always sacrificed my desires and ate the sour pulpy part enveloping the seed of the mango. Enough is enough! Today I am going to enjoy the delicious cheeks of the mango and I will savour the heavenly sweet fleshy slices myself. And, for once, I will let my husband have the sour fibrous pulpy seed.”

So she cut the mango, took the sweet chunky slices of the mango cheeks herself and gave the pulpy seed of the mango to her husband, and she waited for his reaction with bated breath.

To her utter surprise, and contrary to her fears, her husband was very happy and he kissed her hand and said: “My darling, you have just given me the greatest joy of this wonderful 50thanniversary day. For 50 years I sacrificed my desires and I never ever asked you for the luscious tangy seed of the mango, which is what I like the most. I quietly ate the insipid mango cheeks you served me, even though I do not like them, because I always wanted you to enjoy and relish the tangy pulpy mango seeds which are so tasty.”

I woke up and I saw you besides me,
Your innocence and beauty I could only see..

Your head on my chest, your face wore a smile,
Your hands so soft, your fingers so beautifully fragile..

I could see your eye balls moving soft and real slow,
You were dreaming about us, your face showed the glow..

I wish i could see what you were dreaming about,
I went crazy watching you, I wanted to shout..

I wanted to tell the whole world about you,
"See i've got the love which is owned only by a few"..

Then I thought I better not shout,I better let you sleep,
I wanted to see you sleeping like a child, your beauty i wanted to keep..

Lost in my own thoughts i just wished to God,
"I wanna be with her all my life,Oh Lord.."

Sweetheart, whenever I wake up I wanna see you there,
I promise i'll fill your life with utmost love and care.



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