Monday, April 25, 2011

Unconditional Love

today i yet again got to know one more definition of unconditional love... We have always been told that true love is wen it is unconditional... just like a mother gives her child... As a child, we might not even realize or understand what does love means, but still we love our family. When i was a child, I always kept or saved anything which i get for my ma, or my siblings. When we used to get some chocolate in school, I used to bring it back to home to share and eat with my siblings, even if i get only a small piece, but that feeling of sharing was amazing...
Today, I want to share one simple but the ultimate happiness trick with everyone, everyday just sit near your parents, talk to them, tell them what you did, ask what they did, and say anything which can touch their heart or yours, and see the happiness on their face... that smile would be nothing infront of any damn thing in the world... gold, diamonds, dollars, cars, any damn thing would never make you so happy. Try this for 40 days, and see the change in you and in your parents lives. You all will be the happiest family.. and that is truly called the unconditional, and pure love.



Hi Kritika,
Nicely expressed. True love is unconditional - conditional "love" becomes a "relationship".
I really liked your blog and your writing, especially the poetry.

kritika said...

thanks vikram. :)
i am delighted to know that you liked my blog. my poems always have an inspiration and i guess which makes people like it.