Friday, March 11, 2011

all in one day...

Today was a shady day, I woke up so early in the morning, went for yoga, relaxed myself and like always, I was in my bed for my nap after I came home. Talking to your sweetheart, first thing in the morning is just a perfect way to start the day.. I spent some time chatting to my sweetheart, making him laugh, is one of my fav past time these days, but today things were little different.. It was him who was trying to make me feel better and smile, and as usual he succeeded.. He is just awesome in it.. Love him so much.. I was supposed to have a boring day all by myself, but eventually, my darling helped me sort out and encouraged me to cook, which he knows is a rejuvenating factor to me.. But before that he made me sleep for sometime by saying some sweet sweet lines, by listening to which my heart couldn't say no at all. So, there I was, inside my quilt, with my sweetheart (ofcourse in my imaginations) sleeping in his arms. It just makes me really miss him a lot, and I start hating the distances and time difference between us. I'm always the one saying to him, why he had to go so far to study, is there any shortage of universities in India, but at that time I just miss him terribly and my mind doesn't work. So afterwards, I woke up, went to kitchen to pamper myself (ya actually, pamper, cooking really makes me feel that way) After a long brainstorming session, I concluded on making baked vegetable and pasta in red sauce. Trust me, it was delectable.. Nothing like I ever had before, not exaggerating, but it was really scrumptious. And then after a heavy day, I decided to shed some calories again, so me and my mom went for shopping, and while driving today, I saw something which is worth mentioning, generally policemen, stop two- wheelers for lift, and even if somebody is not willing he has to, because no one is so daring enough to say no to them, today also, a policeman all of a sudden, stopped a bike and asked him to drop somewhere, but the dutiful citizen couldn't resist in saying no... Don't be surprised, yes he actually said no, the man on the bike said, sir I would have dropped you, if I or you would have a spare helmet, and he gave him an evil smile and vroomed on his bike again, and the policeman, kept standing there shunned by the reply.. And me and ma throughly enjoyed the scene and felt proud to have such citizens in our city who are following the traffic Rules diligently. And then my day just finished with teaching children and waking my sweetheart, sharing my thoughts and imaginations with him, making him come out of bed and go to his classes and he like always first made me sleep in his arms, love me, gave me some kisses and start his day with a smile and I here would end my day with a sweet feeling in my heart of his love. Ciao. Buenos Dias. Das süße Träume

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